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My experience in Music

Posted on: 02 October 2018 BY: NDe

Natto Soares
Me and the Music
“Singing is like a celebration of Oxygen” this quote from Bjork a famous Icelandic singer describes everything about how passionate I am at Music and singing. I have been singing since I was very little and I got the inspiration from my beloved Dad who introduced me to so many different genres of music. From Abba to the Beatles and even a famous country singer such Alan Jackson. Because of that influence I got from my Dad, I began to appreciate the beauty of music and its lyrics. I remember vividly the day when became very courageous to start singing in the front of strangers during the school’s activity on Sunday at school when I was around 8 (because I sing almost every day in the house irritating my mom and my sisters. Lol). I become more confidence to exhibit my ability and the strength I gained from my late Father since I was kid to keep chasing the dream I have. With that encouragement and endless support I was then able to join various different events and music groups. From joining the choir at school, competing at various singing festival and performing in different events both individually and groups.
Aside from studying American Politics and Economic for the past 2 years being here in West Virginia-USA, I have also invested my time in showing the ability I have in music to participate in different University events such as singing at University Catholic Church, the events on campus, singing competition which I made to the finale (I will try again next year see if I could get any prizes this time) aside from all the different music events I involved, the thing that I got excited the most among those programs I mentioned early is when I got selected to become a member of West Virginia University National Anthem Singer. For someone who love music and singing, this is such an exciting opportunity to me as I get to be able to perform American National Anthem Singer for the West Virginia University’s Athletic events. I have always wanted to sing American National Anthem since I was in Junior High School especially at the sports event. So, it was such an honor to be granted this opportunity to sing one of the most beautiful and hardest National Anthem ever written. So far, I have been singing the National Anthem for Women’s Basketball in my University, Men’s baseball games, and Volleyball games.
I feel so blessed and thankful to be granted this opportunity to explore and study here in USA and as I only have 2 more semesters left in College, I will definitely use every second and opportunity to the most while still being here.

Bellow is the footage of me singing American National Anthem at one of the Athletic event at my university (West Virginia University)