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preparation for finals

Posted on: 13 June 2019 BY: SSagran

when finals are approaching, the atmosphere on campus changes. most buildings seem quieter than usual besides those facilitated with study rooms, most specially the library. the library becomes a place where students spend most of their time at. The library is crowded from 7am until midnight, the last minutes of closing time. the hardest obstacles that the students face besides memorizing materials for finals is to find tables in the library to study for. I enjoy the spirits surrounding me when finals are approaching, the eagerness for students to study and achieve the best grades they could for finals to boost their overall grades inspire me to do the same.

Weeks before finals, to prepare myself for the exams is to talk to the professors about current grades. After the mid-term evaluation, I ensure that I still maintain the grades that I have or hoping to get even better, to know where I stand and what could I do to get better grades, specially what grades to get for the exams. I ensure all study guides are filled a week before the finals week thus a day or two during the exams will just be about review and memorizing. This semester, all of my final exams are comprehensive thus I took time to look at previous exams throughout the semester to fix the questions that I had wrong. Most professors ensure that final exams, specially the comprehensive ones are somewhat similar to the previous exams they gave during the semester. It is also important for students to form consistent study habits before finals.

Studying with friends in the library happens often as a college student but when finals is approaching all plans with friends consist of where and what time to study together. When forming a study group with friends, a table in the library becomes ‘the table’. The table becomes a table that a student find one another in the library every single day. In my case at least a student will be there whenever I go to the library while the others are taking small breaks or are in classes. It is a blessing for me to be able to form a small study group that always has each other’s back when it comes to studying for finals. Either helping one another with memorizing some terms, ask questions and help solve equations, assigning ‘the table’ in the library for the group of friends to meet at anytime is very helpful. I make sure however that I do not over study, that I become sleep deprived like most students struggle. It is important to maintain good sleep and stay well fed to be mentally prepared for finals.

Final exams most of the time contributes to high percentage of the overall grades of the class, particularly when it is comprehensive. It is crucial to start a consistent study schedule to follow and form a study group to have some sort of support while studying. Even though knowledge is significant, health is also important to maintain, to ensure the best performances during the exams.