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The Gorgeous Season!

Posted on: 18 December 2018 BY: AMAMBARES

Hello there! Hope you all doing great with your fall semester! Oh…wait! I don’t have that season in my country. By my country, I mean Timor-Leste, but at least you can still see leaves dropping off from trees, can’t you? For those who are working to bring home the bacon or studying hard for their finals, keep it up! I trust you guys can do it. Don’t get frustrated! I know studying for finals sometimes wear you out, it makes me feel worn out too! Pick out good study tips that can help you with your exams. Also, I want to share a few study tips with you. As of yet, I have used best study tips I learned from my professors.

• First, find a good place to study. It doesn’t matter where you study as long as it has a surface for writing, it’s well lit, and comfortable. Make sure your surrounding is free of distractions, and silence your phone (not sure if you want to do that, but I do it very often). For that reason it won’t be a hectic schedule for your day and you can keep track on your next plan. The best study place for me is the library because you can find quiet study rooms. If you choose to study in your dorm, trust me! You’ll get distracted by people plus stuffs, except if you get a nice roommate.

• Second, getting started on your studying is often the hardest part. Don’t put your studying off until “LATER”, don’t make excuses, and don’t wait until you’re “IN THE MOOD”. If you have trouble on getting started, begin with something you can finish quickly or a subject you like. Also, the best way to start is when your brain is still fresh with ideas after class in spite of putting delay on it and you’ll just forget everything.

• Third, time management is very important. Try to organize your study time before you start it. Decide what you want to get done first in which order you’ll do it. For example, instead of saying, “study introductory to statistics”, say that you’ll “work on pages one to fifty and do the review questions at the end of the chapter. Also, don’t put pressure on yourself when you’re studying. Take regular short brakes. I usually get up and stretch, take a walk around the library and get a drink to keep myself active and stay hydrated.

• Lastly, know your learning styles when it comes to a test. Most test questions often come from material that has been presented in class as well as quizzes and homework. Pay close attention during class before a test and know what kind of test it will be. If an instructor gives you a review sheet or study guide, go through the lectures and study it until you know everything on it.

Now, get it done because Christmas is awaiting for you! Also, I’m so excited for Christmas. Can’t wait to celebrate it with y’all.

Anyway, let’s go back to my story. I want to tell you that this year has been a magical year for me and for each one of you who read this. I believe in dreams. I hope you think so too! Dreams that can changed my personality and life. There are good things you see every morning you wake up. You look out of your window, think of stories and fairy tales. The world of imagination you were dreaming of and you suddenly realized that you are not there anymore. You are now live somewhere else on the other edge of the earth. Far away from the people you love. The people that always be there whenever you need them. You then feel things so different. In your heart, your feelings mixed up. You don’t really understand what your heart wants. Far away, miles away, you feel loneliness in your room. Yet, you started to think and ask questions, how do you gonna start? Is there anyone to give you a hand? But you always hope good things will happen. Indeed it is. Perhaps, it’s because prayers and good work you do and sacrifices. You don’t want to get locked up in your room. Then, get out! Go out, you see people greet you in different ways. You know it’s your first time living abroad but you don’t give up trying to adapt to the new environment you live. It’s your new home and you know for certain that you’ll learn a lot.

It’s been four months now. I remember, when I first arrived at Tennessee Technological University on August 17, 2018. Above all, fall was a great experience for my first semester here at Tech. Tech? Why? Because here at Tech we like to make things short. As the semester began, I knew! It was going to be hard and I really knocked myself out trying to do well in classes but things turned out different. I enjoyed most of my classes. For sure, professors wanted to see you show up early and follow classroom rules. They like to see their students do good in their subject in every meeting beside that do not hesitate to ask questions. They will do anything to facilitate your learning styles and understanding.

The gorgeous season! Who doesn’t love fall? I love it!!! I woke up every morning, walking to my class. Well, before you step out from the door, don’t forget to check on your phone the weather forecast. Sometimes it changes to 330 F or lower. Here at Tech, snow falls once in a blue moon but I would rather wear winter clothes to keep myself warm. Even it is cold outside. On weekends I enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking and riding. Isn’t it fun? Riding along a forest trail with friends, seeing different kinds of trees changing color and taking pictures. That’s what I do for short breaks to keep my brain as fresh as the air in Cookeville. However, I once saw it snowed but lasted like an hour and that was my first time. I started to run out of the library when people were shouting. It snows! I was just wanted to see and touch it.

Therefore, I got to experience different things with both American family and friends as well as international friends. I have learned so much about America and other cultures. Thus, these experiences have shaped my understanding of personal culture and values, and likewise I learn to be more independent and self-confident while studying and learning in a different culture.