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Make friend with your roommates

Posted on: 25 January 2019 BY: EAmaral

Make friend with your roommate

Before coming to U.S. I never live with people that I never meet before. When I fill the roommate form regarding my preferences on what time I would like to go to bed or how would I feel if my roommate bring her friend/boyfriend to our room and etc. I was a bit nervous. Of course, as any other people I expected someone nice and friendly to be my roommate.
The first time I walked into my apartment there were no one there yet, my three other roommates haven’t arrived yet and I had the chance to check out rooms in our apartment freely.
After all of them arrived (most of them had their family helped them move in) we started to introduce ourselves and got to know each other even better. On second day we decided to have a meeting about ground rules that we can establish in our apartment. It is always good to know what your roommates prefer and not prefer you to do (and vice versa) at certain time on certain things (ex: noises, cleaning, guest, etc.) because you can always piss people off without knowing you did (until it become a problem) and you want to avoid that. There will always some small problems that can arise once in a while and it is normal because we all live together and have different opinions on certain things but talk about it with your roommates and respect each other’s opinion is one of the keys to make things work.
It didn’t take me long to get along with my roommates because all of them are nice and friendly and we all respect each other’s personal space and opinions. We go to grocery store together and once in a while we all would sit down and eat dinner together (depends on each other’s time), we also celebrate birthdays together and go to events at school together. You would feel less homesick if you become friend with your roommate because she/he can always be there for you if you need to and you could be there for them too if they need you.

The more friends you have the better your life will be!