USTL provides full scholarships to outstanding students from Timor-Leste for two to four years of study at high-quality undergraduate degree institutions in the United States. Scholarship awards include full tuition toward either a bachelor’s degree or associate degree, travel, living stipends, medical insurance in the U.S., and visa costs. USTL is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State.



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Time management is the key

Posted on: 31 January 2019 BY: VPereira

Fall semester is my favorite semester in college life because there are a lot of events and the weather is mostly nice (nature turns its color beautifully) which makes it a good time to be outside in nature.
Walking into my Fall of 2018, I was excited but also nervous because I knew it was my last Fall semester of my undergraduate career. Therefore, I tried to get involved as much as I could and take challenges and risks that can help me grow, both personally and professionally. I took 18 credit hours in addition to one internship, one part-time job, and serving as a core member of the International Culture Team, with which I went to more than 10 events on and off campus. In the beginning, I was so scared of how to survive in the semester because most of my classes are senior level, and whether or not I would have enough time for everything in addition to my studies. I am not 100% sure how I managed everything, but I earned a 4.0 GPA (straight As) in the fall semester and was able to attend many more events on campus and off campus than in my previous semesters. The key I hold in my hand was time management. I knew time management was important, but I also knew that how to manage it is so complicated, especially when we get distracted from all the good and bad vibes in the environment that can make us lose track. However, remaining true to ourselves and our goals is a good way to succeed in time management. Another thing that helped me grow and be able to perform my best is taking care of myself (discipline, eating well, resting) and my responsibilities (student, intern, employee, committee member) and reducing some unnecessary activities in which I usually took part. I had options to not take all the challenges, but just focus on my studies. However, I wanted to take on all the challenges because I thought, what's the point in my last year if I don’t apply the strategies that I have been learning and what might I tell people who are curious to be in college if I would only tell them about my academic stories. Thus, all of that motivated me to explore and experience as well as grow in my college life.