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School During Pandemic

Posted on: 08 June 2020 BY: MDa

None of the students could have predicted how everything would shift after COVID-19 hit the country. To slow down the virus, schools must close their normal activity with a hope that this devastating moment will come to an end. Unlike schools back home, many colleges here in America have already set up online apps and resources for students since they first enroll in school, so students are able to continually work at home even if they are not coming to school, and it makes the transition smoother than I previously thought.

Although I miss being physically in class, being involved in an online program still provides me a chance to learn something new. For instance, one can develop their knowledge by becoming a tech savvy person and managing their own devices accordingly. This immense transformation can be quite dangerous if we don’t adopt a habit of being disciplined. Since the Professor is not with us in person, it can be easy to feel free and not committed to our work, which can eventually lead to a drop in one's grades. In our current harsh circumstance, regular communication is required. Professors are often available through phone calls or email; we consider email as a formal communication tool to show respect, but there are some professors who don’t mind when students call them during their office hours as well. They are ready any time to respond to any concern or feedback from their students who might be struggling to perform their best.

Amazingly, schools have shifted many support services — namely the tutoring center and student support center — to an online appointment format in order to ensure that students excel in their classes. The services are great. Almost all classes have their own tutors, who are welcoming and patiently spend time with you listening to your concerns and struggles. The most essential piece of advice is to find people who can help you and don’t make yourself feel embarrassed about your limitations.

My school break is almost finished, which means I need to manage my schedule for summer class soon. It’s an optional curriculum and just an additional time for students who need to finish their internship or have an amount of extra courses that should be taking based on their major. Well, It’s exhausting! But you will never know how far you go until you steadily and consistently paddle your own boat moving towards your destiny.