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New University and New Experience

Posted on: 30 November -0001 BY: NDe

As I transferred to West Virginia University during second summer term, everything is doing great so far to both my study and some social activities that I involved. As WVU is way bigger than West Liberty University, there are few things that make both universities different from each other. The class or lecture theater is way bigger here in WVU which has more than 100 students in each classes, the professor quite distant from students to get interacted with. However, there are more advantages that I see from being here in West Virginia University. There are more opportunities that offer by university to students, things such as student’s organization/clubs with varieties of organization, there are more international students to interact with, the courses or classes are vary which enable myself to experience and gain more knowledge and skills. As I love music, the university has a singing competition which I am currently competing on and made it to finale which will be held next week. West Virginia football game, the students are offered to go watch the game for free on the weekend. Aside from what university has to offer, the location of university also very convenience which allows myself to do some shopping and offer different choices for foods.
In the beginning of the semester on August 25 to 27, I and few other Timorese flew to Minneapolis to attend a fundraising event to help raise some fund for Bairo Pite Clinic. During the event, we did few different activities. From listening to Doctor Daniel Murphy talking about Health issue in Timor Leste, Safe sex education to share our own perspective and thoughts about the health and education in Timor which are very essential points to consider for the Development of Timor.
I enrolled in 16 credit hours for this semester, all the courses I took for this semester are all interesting. From learning, the global politics, history of political thought to public policy analysis and to Macroeconomics, which all of them have offered so many new knowledge to me so far. However, among these courses I liked Global politics class better as the professor is very smart and knows what he taught. And the class has a solid relation to macroeconomic class as we mostly discussed about Globalization and capitalism. However, this class also has its difficulties. The question that designed by professor for the quizzes are quite challenging in the beginning of the semester, however as the professor offer a discussion tutorial once I week which helps reduce the challenge I face.
For this semester, I compete on the Mountaineer Idol which is a singing competition that organized by university. I am now on the finale week and hoping to do great next week during the show. I also got selected to be a National Anthem Singer for university athletic game. I will start to sing the national anthem for few games starting next month.