USTL provides full scholarships to outstanding students from Timor-Leste for two to four years of study at high-quality undergraduate degree institutions in the United States. Scholarship awards include full tuition toward either a bachelor’s degree or associate degree, travel, living stipends, medical insurance in the U.S., and visa costs. USTL is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State.



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Summer is always a good time for college students. It's a time to unwind, shed the semester's stress, and reap the well-earned rewards of success. Most American students either travel back to their home state to visit families and friends and some travel abroad to experience the different cultures and cuisines. However, for me summer is always the best time to explore my host state – Colorful Colorado. There is so much to do in here and to learn as well. For readers who are not familiar with Colorado, you are in for a good treat. I am going to introduce you to one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Not to be biased but I have visited many states and for me Colorado is the best of them all. Here we have the Rocky mountains, beautiful crystal clear lakes, wildlife, fishes, and unique flowers and trees. This summer I get to travel around Colorado to experience its natural beauty from hiking to swimming in the reservoir with my friends here.One of the best things about Colorado is its stunning scenery. The Rocky Mountains are a sight to behold, and there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and camping. If you're looking for something a little more relaxing, there are also plenty of beautiful lakes and reservoirs to enjoy. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even go white-water rafting or fishing.

One of my favorite things to do here during the summer is to go hiking. It’s a popular summer activity here in Colorado, and for good reason. The state is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country, and the weather is usually perfect for spending the day outdoors. Now, when I say hiking, I’m not talking about a leisurely stroll through the park. I’m talking about serious hiking—10- to 15-mile treks that require a lot of energy and strength. Most of the hiking spots around towns are in the front range and in the Rocky Mountain National Park, and the elevation can be a challenge. I did a lot of hiking with my friends this summer in the Rocky Mountain National Park areas. The views are simply spectacular, and the trails are well-maintained. But the altitude was a challenge for me at first. Colorado is located in the high altitude areas, and in the Rocky Mountain National Park areas, the average high mountains is 4,267 meters, that is higher than mount Ramelau in Timor. So I was having trouble adjusting to hiking at this altitude. When I first tried hiking in the rocky mountains, I got high altitude sickness and was out of breath easily. However, now I am already used to this and don’t encounter these challenges in my hiking again.

Other than hiking, I also did a lot of camping within the Rocky Mountains area with my friends. Even though it's summer in Colorado, it's still cold up in the Rocky Mountains. We had a great time getting away from the busy college town life and escaped to see the bright summer stars in the mountains eating great food and eating lots of s'mores. We would spend our nights roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire. I also did a lot of kayaking and paddling with my friends at the reservoirs that are right at the backyard of my university. We would often paddle to different parts of the reservoir, and we would often stop to swim and sunbathe. We would also bring along our lunch and snacks, and we would often have picnics on the shore of the reservoir.

While hiking and camping, I've been fortunate enough to encounter some of Colorado's iconic wildlife, including the state flower, the Blue Columbine (pictured in this blog), and the state bird, the Lark Bunting, whose calls echo through the mountains. But my most thrilling sighting was the state fish, the Greenback cutthroat trout. The state fish is rare in the lakes and its status is threatened in Colorado, so spotting one was a true privilege. It's inspiring to see the ongoing conservation efforts aimed at bringing their population back to stable levels.

This is a very Colorado summer activity, consisting of lots of outdoor activities and I am grateful to explore all the natural resources that Colorado has to offer. I love spending my summers in Colorado, exploring all the beautiful scenery and taking advantage of the many outdoor activities the state has to offer. Whether I'm hiking in the mountains, biking along the river, or camping in the wilderness, I always feel a sense of peace and tranquility when I'm in Colorado.

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