USTL provides full scholarships to outstanding students from Timor-Leste for two to four years of study at high-quality undergraduate degree institutions in the United States. Scholarship awards include full tuition toward either a bachelor’s degree or associate degree, travel, living stipends, medical insurance in the U.S., and visa costs. USTL is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State.



As far as I know, choosing a college means you are entering a completely unfamiliar world of immense possibilities. Perhaps the hardest part is deciding whether to start your journey with community college or university. Before attending the University of Minnesota, I went to Bellevue College for my…

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Fun Activities in College

Posted on: 03 April 2019 BY: AMAMBARES

The first semester of my freshman year of college was a whole bunch of learning and experiencing. That’s just a whole lot of experience, and experience reminds me of a video I watched for my class. It is called the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. In his lecture, he said, “experience is often the m…

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De-stress in College

Posted on: 23 March 2019 BY: ISequeira

Stress is something that everyone faces and there are different kinds of situations that happened in our daily life which can trigger stress. Being in college is an exciting journey for a lot of people because we finally get to be independent and are able to hop into the next chapter of our lives. …

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Life of an Engineering Student

Posted on: 03 March 2019 BY: ADa

Being in an engineering major has its highs and lows. It takes dedication, time and effort to be a successful engineering student. I am a junior in Civil Engineering and came to America to fulfill my dreams. I chose civil engineering as my major not by force but by passion. This is why no matter ho…

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Time Flies

Posted on: 13 February 2019 BY: DCorbafo

I have been in the United States attending the University of South Dakota for almost two years since 2017, and I cannot believe I will be graduating soon! During my time here, I have learned so many great things from the courses that I took, which I am confident will also help me in my future goa…

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My first semester at the University of Minnesota When I first knew that I was accepted to the University of Minnesota to study Food Science and Nutrition, I got completely thrilled and excited. Of course, that the fact that I was transferring from studying in a community college before to the great…

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Time management is the key

Posted on: 31 January 2019 BY: VPereira

Fall semester is my favorite semester in college life because there are a lot of events and the weather is mostly nice (nature turns its color beautifully) which makes it a good time to be outside in nature. Walking into my…

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Make friend with your roommates

Posted on: 25 January 2019 BY: EAmaral

Make friend with your roommate Before coming to U.S. I never live with people that I never meet before. When I fill the roommate form regarding my preferences on what time I would like to go to bed or how would I feel if my roommate bring her friend/boyfriend to our room and etc. I was a bit nervo…

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